LUCA GIANQUITTO TRIO Feat. GABRIELE MIRABASSI & CLEMENS VAN DER FEEN – A fascinating journey through original compositions and reinterpretations. An acoustic trio that becomes narrative, intimate, in the hidden virtuosity of the evocation of images and sensations. A Mediterranean and at the same time Northern European sound, crystal clear and wide, in which melodies are interpreted with a constant search for elegance, dynamism and passion.

“NIBIRU” The new CD – Napolitan jazz meets the Dutch jazz world. The brand new collaboration between the Italian guitarist/composer Luca Gianquitto and the famous Dutch jazz musicians Bert van den Brink, Jasper Somsen and Haye Jellema.
Release date 25 September 2016 – Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Patricia Mulder & Luca Gianquitto – A unique Duo collaboration creating intricate, flowing & rhythmic sonic weavings inspired by Latin, Jazz and World Music.

Gianquitto/Roelofs – “Neapolitan Jazz meets the Dutch Jazz world” is an intercultural musical journey with Dutch bass clarinettist Joris Roelofs.
I am very honoured to share the stage with Joris, he is a complete artist, an absolute master of his art, and a melodist of rare elegance and sensuality. We play original songs extracted from my album “My Big Room” and compositions of the upcoming album “Nibiru”.

Matino/Martino/Gianquitto – This is a project with the great bass player Pippo Matino and saxophonist Giulio Martino.
Pippo Matino is considered one of the most skilled electric bass virtuoso on the international scene. He is probably the Italian bass player who, in the last 20 years, has released the highest number of CDs.  I’ve had the pleasure to play with this world-class bass player together with Giulio Martino. When Giulio plays his saxophone has a warm sound, and he plays beautiful and elegant jazz phrases.

Diego Imparato Quartet – This band features Diego Imparato (bass), Gianluca Brugnano (drums), Armanda Desidery (piano) and myself (guitar).
Diego composes and arranges beautiful songs.  I play together with him and Gianluca since when I was 15 years old…  No words to express my joy to share the stage. When you play with Armanda you have the impression to be in front of an hurricane than a pianist. She’s  pure energy, feeling, rhythm. 

Jammer Trio 2.0 – This is a collective trio with the bass player Davide Costagliola and the drummer Claudio Romano.
I love to share the stage with this guys, really gifted and versatile musicians. The repertoire is fun and challenging, we play tunes of Weather Report, Vinnie Colaiuta and Herbie Hancock. 

Luca Gianquitto Fusion Trio –  This is a fusion trio with the bass player Alessandro Stellano and the drummer Luca Mignano.
With this trio we play the tunes of my first album “My Big Room” with new rock/fusion arrangements.

Jazz on soundtracks in LG Guitar School is a studio project of “Guitar/live performance/soundtrack/videos”. A way to keep practice and to share my musical ideas with my students.